Morehouse Barbers opened their doors on March 3, 2017. Located in the newly restored Jack’s Station in St. Johns, Morehouse offers the traditional barber experience – haircuts, beard trims and straight-razor shaves.

The barbershop was founded by friends Adam Morehouse and Kurt Foster who created the concept over many late night whiskey’s. Kurt & Adam met when Kurt sat down in Adam’s barber chair 5 yrs ago, finding a shared love of old country music, whiskey and family. Adam, who has been a barber in Oregon since 2012 is the lead barber and Kurt serves as retail & events manager.

When Kurt and Adam first started talking about a possible partnership, one of the first things they agreed on was that we wanted to create a welcoming space for creativity, relationships and community with stellar service – they knew they wanted to be in North Portland and preferably in St. Johns as they both lived nearby and wanted to grow their family business close to home. So it was just a matter of being patient and waiting for the right space. They found that space in Jack’s Station, an impeccably restored 1950s service station, which is also home to the Italian street food restaurant Gabagool. Within Jacks’s Station they’ve created a warm environment with soft lighting, music playing on the turntable and comfortable seating, Adam and Kurt wanted this to be a place that felt like a home away from home. The tradition of the American barbershop is that it’s a place where you come to hear and tell your stories, as well as to have a haircut or a shave and you’ll often find Kurt and Adam’s families helping out around the shop or barbers staying after their last cut to hang out and enjoy a beer.